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Nice to see that Japan has bootleg fashion too…



[B/w photo of Bauha—oh my god Peter what the fuck is your face

Does Daniel Ash ever *not* have a serious face?

Enough about that and more of Kevin looking adorable in Ted Boy gear.

To those of you who have autoplay with no controls in sight

You’re obnoxious and I hope that all the embarrassing things in life happen to you and nobody else but you.

Werk that shit the house down, Mr. Turner.

Moral Hex & Vivid Sekt




In Sacramento tonight


I know you go out of town every few weekends while all my money goes to support our family, but you really deserve it this time after beating up your wife for the second time yesterday.

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for the slew of lies and excuses. I’m sure he’ll always have a place to crash within the punk community anyway. His history of this shit never put a damper on his social life before.

Everybody boost this. 

→ Aeowyn Aeviterna. ♥: The ridiculous term "babybat"...



Ahh… The term babybat.. How I hate it so. This term is originally meant to describe a young ‘goth’ or someone who is new to the scene, doesn’t know much about Gothic culture or sub-culture..etc. Suddenly, the term has developed into a term to describe a ‘poser’… Every time I hear the term…

Anyone who uses the term babybat in place of poseur is most likely a poseur themselves. Its common knowledge in the goth community that babybat means someone new who is learning and has some idea about what goth is all about. To call a poseur a babybat would be a compliment because they are finally getting it, not an insult because they don’t get it.

Now, some of the videos that I have seen regarding ‘babybats’ are to teach people what so called ‘real goths’ wear and not wear, how the do their make-up, where they shop, etc. Which essentially they are saying that the way THEY dress, is the RIGHT way to be ‘goth’ and any one who doesn’t look that way isn’t a ‘real goth’.. A certain video basically talks about what she thinks looks horrible, must be ‘babybat-itis’ ….. No. Just no. Every one is an individual, and we all have different opinions on what looks good, and doesn’t look good. “ 

If someone is basing how goth someone is purely by how they look they are missing the point completely.

You can shop at Hot Topic, and be ‘Goth’.. 

You can wear TrippNYC pants, and be ‘Goth’… 

You can buy your make up at Wal-Mart, and still be ‘Goth’… 

You can listen to mainstream metal, and still be ‘Goth’…. 

True but liking these things do not make you goth. You can be goth and like non-goth things too. Not everything will become goth by association. The problem is many assume some of these things make them goth hence the confusion.

None of those things dictate whether or not you are a ‘true goth’.. What the fuck is even with all of these labels anyway? You can listen to Marilyn Manson, fucking Slipknot, Korn, whatever.. Who the fuck cares? Being a ‘true goth’ in my opinion is not sitting in a graveyard writing deep poetry and listening to The Cure on your walkman, because you’re too ‘Goth’ to buy an Ipod ‘cause they’re too ‘mainstream’…Being goth comes from within, and is often expressed from the outside with clothing, make up, etc. But we all know that a lot of alternative clothing is ridiculously priced. You don’t have to be rich to be Goth. And I really just want to take these people from these videos preaching about what you should or shouldn’t wear, and bash their brains out with an unfortunate inanimate object…

A respect for goth music and the history of the subculture is mandatory. You want to call yourself a goth then have a clue about what its about. Fashion is a tiny, tiny part of it but it just happens to be the first thing people see so they place way too much importance on it.

Seriously, ‘babybat’ is NOT another term for ‘poser’…Stop fucking using it to bash people who can’t afford fucking MAC make-up and Kambriel or  Heavy Red clothing.. Stop bashing people for being individuals. It’s fucking stupid, and it makes you look like fucking morons. 

Since when do real goths care about brands? Real goths DIY. Real goths customise. Real goths make do with whatever they can get their hands on. If you are focused on brands maybe you aren’t as goth as you think you are because brands are irrelevant.





Michio Hisauchi

The “you deserve this” look on her face…



I found a picture a made a thing.

I don’t even know why I did this.

Why not? It’s good shit.



Lindsey Wixson wearing Jeremy Scott.

If Captain Sensible and Siouxsie had a child, and NO ONE told me, I will be very upset.

Well, seeing as how Siouxsie and nearly everyone in the Bromley Contingent despised The Damned, I would guess it would happen by way of an alcohol fueled hatefuck under serious wraps (read: her caftans)

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